Must be using Chrome or Safari web.

Must accept the Cookie tab

1. Click sign up here. (Not the restaurant sign up.)

2. Have access to a cell phone to enter the 6 digit OTP number. This to verfy we have the correct number to contact.

3. Select items.

4. Click on cart/checkout. (On computer located on the rght of screen. On mobile located on the bottom of screen.)

5. If the cart/checkout is not visible you need to accept the cookie term.

6. On checkout page click DELIVERY HERE blue button. This to verfy we have the correct address to deliver.

7. If your address is not listed. Do not click a random address you will get an random huge delivery price. Contact us for assistance. 

8. Schedule an Order Time. Please select an open slot. If your specific time is not open. That means we have reach max capacity to ensure delivery on time.

9. Anwser all addtional information.

10. Review order, add any suggestion example no sauce on burget but set it aside.

11. Click Proceed To Pay.

12. Enter card information under payment method.

13. Select Pay (your total)

14. You will get automated texted thru out the delivery process.