How This Business Works?

  • If this your 1st request for delivery thru Triads Delivery LLC
  • Expect it to take 5mins to complete, please don’t skip any steps you will most likely run into issues.
  • We apologize for the long steps, but we want to make sure everyone can understand the steps.
  • Next time it’ll be a quick breeze approx. 2mins.
  • Text 336-327-2191 to request a delivery form.
  • Once order Information is completed you'll get update text to track drivers delivery progress.

Why I Don’t See My Favorite Restaurant On The Platform?

  • We are trying to our best to add as many as possible.
  • Let us know which restaurants you want delivered, we can add it ASAP.

Why should you go this route?

  • Very low service fee, no 3rd party hidden fees, no 3rd party mark up fees.
  • You will get the ability to use your restaurant reward points, gain points, daily specials.
  • Ability to get correct information from restaurant directly.

Why Some Restaurant Do Not Have Triads Delivery On Their Website?

  • Some do not know that Triads Delivery LLC exist yet.
  • We are doing our best to reach out to many of the restaurants.
  • Meantime only place order with restaurant for pick up.
  • If you choose another 3rd party delivery you will most likely pay a lot more.

What Happens After Completing The Form?

  • Please make sure we have the correct address.
  • We value our drivers time.
  • If the address changes you'll be request to pay an upcharge before driver moves from current location or forfeit food.
  • Most Restaurant don’t allow drivers to bring back food for pick up later.

Why Must Have Cell Phone On?

  • Must only use a cell phone to request a delivery.
  • Please make sure phone is active and on.
  • Driver may get lost or need to update you on progress.
  • If phone is off you risk forfeiting your order.
  • Triads Delivery will contact you up by to 5 mins by call or text.
  • Once driver leave restaurant food are usually not allow to be returned.
  • Restaurants most cases will not take part in the problem.

What Are Some Order Issues?

  • If you cancel your order, or need to make changes to your order, its between you and the restaurant.
  • If there is a price change that involves the driver to have to pay.
  • You will be notified to pay the different or the delivery request will be canceled.
  • No refund for the service or delivery fee.
  • Please order when you are sure you are ready.
  • If you cancel your order before the driver use the money you sent Triads Delivery to purchase your order.
  • You'll only be refunded for the food cost you paid us to purchase your food minus 5% due to card processing fees.
  • If you feel the restaurant mess up your order.
  • You are welcome to dispute it with the restaurant.
  • Triads Delivery will not be making another trip for free.
  • You will have to purchase a redeliver request.

What Are Triads Delivery Hours?

  • Open to deliver between 8 AM and 9 PM daily.
  • Please when ordering please be sure order will be ready between Triads Delivery hours of operations.

Why the service fee?

  • System and software upkeep
  • Card processing fee
  • Business Taxes
  • Office Supplies
  • Office Space
  • Service fee are not refundable.
  • We value our staff time

Why the delivery fee?

  • We value our drivers for using their time
  • We value our drivers for using their car
  • Delivery fee are not refundable.
  • However, if driver seem to be very late after getting the order we may work offer a part refund.
  • Please order when you are sure you are ready.

How Triads Delivery, LLC can help?

  • The founder has been an independent delivery driver for over 5 years and has lived in Greensboro area since 2016.
  • Triads Delivery, LLC has been helping restaurant owners like you since January 2019.
  • Our delivery range are virtually unlimited.
  • We have a state-of-the-art delivery app offering live chat, driver tracking, and automated updates
  • We have virtually unlimited drivers to ensure each order is delivered in a timely manner.

Why switch to Triads Delivery, LLC?

Other delivery companies:

  • Are based out as far as California and/or Illinois, so they don't know your area as well.
  • Operate nationwide, which can cause long waits and make you feel like a low priority.
  • Charge your favorite restaurants a lot to promote.
  • Both you and the restaurant get charged a delivery fee.
  • Manipulate the menu price by a large margin.
  • Example Restaurant regular price, the 3rd party mark-up price added, service fee added, delivery fee added, then you have to tip for the driver to make a living.
  • Do not deliver outside far out, which makes you have to travel for that favorite meal.
  • Underpay their drivers – as little as $1 per delivery, sometimes even taking a cut of the tip – while still charging you $5 or more for delivery. This reduces drivers' morale which can cause poor service.