How Does Triads Delivery work?

We deliver up to 100 miles. Yes we have a few long distance customers. Some places includes Danville, Wiston-Salem, Asheboro, etc.

If the phone number is incorrect or off, I risk forfeiting my order.

If you need to change the order, item(s) must be same or lesser value.

Changing the address will result in extra charge.

Order must be check in present of driver, or accept order as is.

The delivery fee is non refundable, unless driver unable to complete the delivery within 90 minutes.

All other fees are non refundable.

Customer cannot cancel order if restaurant confirm its already made.

These questions are to make sure Triads Delivery provide each customer a prestigious experience!

This is a 3rd party delivery service hired by the customer not the restaurant.


Why Face Photo Is Required?

Add photo of person waiting for order, to prevent fraud & wrong location. Photo is not use for any other purpose.

No covering of the face. You will receive a text for another photo. If not the order will be canceled and refunded.

We offer safe distance delivery. Please be visible to receive the order.  Wave thru window, door screen are acceptable.

If photo look fake or offensive. You will receive a text for another photo. If not the order will be canceled and refunded.

Upon arrival if photo of person not available. You will receive a call to become visible to accept order.

You will have 5mins to call back or forfeit order. Orders can’t be returned.

This to help protect our business brand, to remain operational and most affordable delivery service in your area.


Cyber Theft

If bank notified us that an order is being refunded due to owner of the card doesn’t recognize the payment.

We will send the bank all details of the order. 

We also may report the information to law enforcement to persue cyber theft crime.

Triads Delivery should appear on your bank statement not the restaurant you order from.

If you are thinking about cyber theft remember investigators can track device using IP address, cell phone pings from tower, photo,. Etc. May cause bank to close your account, law enforcement to press charges and maybe jail time.


What Is Triads Delivery Mission?

We want to provide professional simple on demand restaurant delivery service.

Our objective is to make sure you can support your favorite restaurants when you are unable to visit.

We want to provide the most affordable delivery service in your area.

Our system is created to allow you to choose your favorite dish without the 3rd party expensive fees.